Research Projects


DETAILS "In the heart of Bombay, lies Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market, originally named as Sir Arthur Crawford Market. It is the most popular shopping precinct of Bombay. The Market covering an area of about 2.25 hectares incorporates the main building listed in Grade I of the Heritage List of Bombay. It also has substantial covered shopping space in permanent sheds. At present the Market activities include wholesale and retail outlets dealing in fruits, vegetables and fish apart from a variety of consumer items like toys, trunks, leather goods, footwear etc. It is proposed to shift the wholesale market from the present location to New Bombay in near future. As a result a new opportunity arises to shape the campus. In order to conserve its architectural heritage and re-structure the precinct in a harmonious manner the Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay invited architects, urban designers and planners to submit designs in competition for the major urban node of the City at Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market, Bombay, in 1994.

It was the intention of the Organizers, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay to obtain ideas generated in the winning design, which would form the basis for preparation of urban design guidelines for development of the Market. These guidelines and ideas would accompany the lease conditions when the plot was auctioned for development.

The objectives of the Competition were as follows:

" This society has been formed with support of the UDRI to list and document architecture of the 20th century. The society will aim to create awareness through lectures, seminars, exhibitions and publications on 20th century architecture in India and south Asia. The objectives include the setting up of an archive and lobbying with the state government for the protection of 20th century architecture. No information available