Research Projects


The proposal is for a Master Plan of the Church gate area that would aim at creating a framework within which the citizens group that exist in the Church gate area as well as the different establishments that are located there can interact in order to create a transformation in the physical environment of the precinct. The Master Plan will aim at addressing issues both at the macro as well as micro levels as it is the simultaneous addressing of issues at both these scale that would eventually affect the change in the physical environment of the area. At the macro level, the issues of concern are city level concern viz. traffic management, through traffic, the issue of dealing with the millions of commuters that arrive at Church gate every day and that divert through this area to get to both Nariman Point as well as the Fort Area etc. At the micro level, the concerns are to do with the state of the pavements, pedestrian, circulation, street furniture, regulation of signage, hoarding etc. In order to create a framework for an appropriate addressal of these issues, it is proposed that the project be broken down into three stages viz. Documentation, Analysis, and Recommendation in the form of a master plan.