Research Projects


Vehicular congestion, a severe dearth of parking space and the paucity of walk able pavements have amplified the need to arrive at an equitable consensus on the management of traffic in the Fort Management Area. Investigating traffic, parking and pedestrian patterns implies also understanding the economic and legislative determinants of land use, zoning and public transportation. The composite of surveys, thus required, could only be undertaken within the framework of an urban management plan intended for an entire precinct-itself composed of cohesive smaller neighborhoods and communities. A carefully planned and widely discussed proposal for traffic management could decongest urban spaces and return at least a portion of the commons, currently choked by vehicles, to local residents and commuters. Improved access and parking, and restored pavements would undoubtedly lead to an increase in commerce in the precinct. The scale of the Fort Management Plan and the technical expertise of its Project Team will also allow for the review of broad proposals like pedestrianisation or the expansion of public transportation.