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series by Robert Greenwood - Snohetta

Mumbai Lounge -

The promised city Warsaw Berlin - Mumbai


Presentation by Dr Abhay Pethe Political Economy of Land

Stakeholder meeting

Fort Management Plan

Sandhya Savant Memorial Lecture


Adriano Yoto -

Get away any day Shopping malls as an escape from the Urban

One city, two issues

Fort skywalks and Crawford Market Redevelopment


Evolution of a modern Tropical Architecture in Sri Lanka


Negotiating Urban Form in Mumbai

UDRI Workshop


Development Control Regulation 33


Enrique Penalosa Vision of a Sustainable, equitable and Livable city


Dr Aseem Iman on What Happens in Urban Design Private Profit or public policy, A revealing case study from Las Vegas

Sandhya Sawant Memorial Lecture
Mumbai Development Plan Meeting

Jeb Brugmann Book launch and Discussion

Welcome to the Urban Revolution How cities are changing the world.

Fort Stakeholders

Deco Gothic Nomination

Stakeholder meetings

Development Plan 2014 - 2034

Making Mumbai Global.

A symposium on the culture and politics of urban transformation

Eastern Waterfront Conference Sandhya Savant Memorial Lecture
Sandhya Savant Memorial Lecture Public Meeting on SEZ Bill of Maharashtra
green MAP
MIT Bombay Studio 2009

Round table discussion

Social remittance and remigration

Lecture by Sophi Wulfrum

Performative Urbansim

UDRI Development Plan

Second workshop

Film Presentation by Madhushree Dutta

7 Island and a metro

Lecture by Martina Reicker

Cartographies of exclusion in the middle east urbanism

Film Presentation at CCGM 2009 Volume Zero
Heritage Workshop

Lecture by Sophie Wolfrum

Game of Steps

Lecture Stephano Boeri

Architecture and politics Deliberate Spaces

UDRI Workshop 2009

Seminar on Waterfront Urbanism